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M.I.A. Alumni

Thanks to everyone who has provided us with the whereabouts of some of our M.I.A. Alumni.  There are still a lot of people we haven't been able to locate, so we still need your help.
Here is a list of alumni from the class of 1991 that we have not yet been able to track down.  If you know the whereabouts of these alumni, please let us know.  Phone numbers, email, addresses, or last known addresses would be appreciated.  Even if you just know someone's married name, that can be a great lead!  Or, have them get in touch with us!  Email Jennifer at

Still Missing!
Ahmed  Adams
Richard Beck
Loukisha Bell
Nicole Bennett
Krista Brooks
Melissa Buck
Sean Carlson
Susie Carroll
Nara Corderro
Debra Delfoss
Brian Drotar
Nicole Fields
Gordon    Hall
Roshaunda Hamilton
Monica Humphrey
Hiroko Ishizaki
Charles   Johnson
Dedrick   Johnson
Joseph    Juricic
Shannon Kaczor
Eric Keihler
Marvin Klang
Jacquelyn Knappe
Jason Koster
Amy Lingle
Jessica   Meir
Trudi Meyer
Charles   Meyers
Kimberly Mosley
Lisa Moyet
Michelle Musielak
Steven Paquette
Lanoi Phantharasin
Marcel Pusta
Shanitrice Reid
Soul Rowen
Shawn Schiellerd
Yuko Sekido
Joel Smith
Karin Smith
Sherry Stalhood
Holli Tanney
Shannon Thomas
Lora Vettraino
Charles   Watt
Steven Williams
Christine Wiswell
Kevin Woodmore

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